Welcome to enginium

We are a company establishing our self continuously by challenging traditional business models and by keeping ourselves "ahead of the curve". Our employees, clients and business advisers always guided us in setting up organizational basic strategy. We have named our company after our most basic requirement. We are, and always will be powered by “ENGINIUM" (intellectual power) to uplift our client's needs and objectives. 

With the sole aim of promoting client interest, developing their concerns, nurturing entrepreneurship, Supporting Innovation and continuous development through research and development in different verticals. Enginium is all together set an indigenized concept introduced to serve its purpose of continuous growth by joining hands with right attitude individual as well companies.

It is a perfect platform for the companies and innovative individuals to establish their ideas or products, thereby establishing way for the innovative ideas to flourish. Enginium offers the state of the art capabilities to realize your concept or an Idea.

We support our clients to deal with changing business and technological issues. Our relationship with clients is a partnership of equals, allowing our interest to come up with the best informed and right for purpose solutions. We offer our experience, knowledge, best practices and tools, and apply them to our client's unique requirements. We offer a wide range of tailored services including: 


  • Technology Consulting
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics engineering product support
  • Electromechanical system design and development
  • Renewable energy sources end to end solution
  • Manpower out sourcing
  • Qualification of the system (Military, Industrial and Consumer)
  • Design validation
  • Engineering documentation support
  • Reverse engineering
  • Idea to product development end to end solution